Call for Hosts - Mist-Lining III


Over the past three years the Stichting Restauratie Atelier Limburg (SRAL- The Conservation Institute) has developed programming for two Mist-Lining Workshops with support from the Getty Foundation through its Conserving Canvas initiative. SRAL is delighted to announce the award of a third workshop. This workshop will allow conservators from a selected geographical region to experience the Mist-Lining technique. The “Mist-Lining Regional Workshop” will take place in between May and July 2023 partially online and partially in-person. We are calling for bids to host the two week in-person programming.

The “Mist-Lining Regional Workshop” aims to provide a group of 16 conservators with knowledge and understanding of the Mist-Lining technique, process and materials. The 16 participants will be selected, via an open call early in 2023, from a geographical region centred around the host institution. The host institution will be selected via application to SRAL fulfilling the criteria outlined in this call.

The Mist-Lining methodology enables the structural reinforcement for canvas paintings without the lining adhesive impregnating the original textile support structure. The system has numerous variables and so it can be easily adjusted to treat not only ‘old master’ paintings but also modern and contemporary artworks. Grasping and utilising the full capacity of the system can be challenging, especially without feedback or support from those who have experience with lining paintings using this innovative manner. The system goes beyond the application of the lining support and encompasses the full treatment package as the problems presented by the damaged painting are broken down into manageable components and treated separately prior to lining. This expands the variables inherent to the system exponentially and complicates the instruction of this technique remotely without guidance. 

SRAL is looking for a partner who will act as a Regional Hub to host the third edition of the Conserving Canvas Mist-Lining Workshop.

If your institution is interested in hosting the SRAL Mist-Lining Workshop in 2023, please provide the following information:
  • Name of Institution; Name of Coordinating person; name of legal representative; & website and social media links.
  • A short motivation letter; a description and photos of your institution (max. 4 pages) & a letter of support from the institutional director.
  • A brief overview of regional (paintings) conservation community.
  • A list of nearby hotels and restaurants.
Please provide all above details by 15th November 2022 to Click here for more information. 

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