Clemenskerk Brunssum

In September 2013, the SRAL started to uncover the decorative paintings of Dom Romanus Jacob in the Clemenskerk in Brunssum. The little church, which largely dates from 1747 contains a particularly rich and rare history of finishes. In the interior twelve successive phases of paint finishes can be found. And on the exterior, the eighteenth century pink plastered finish on the facades is still present underneath different layers of whitewash. The continuous use and the relative neglect of the building in the past few decades have ensured that thses finishes are still preserved.

The painted scheme of Dom Romanus dating from 1901 can be regarded as the most complete phase. On the walls he painted, amongst other things, an imitation of brickwork, a decorative frieze below the ceiling and false drapery in the lower zone of the choir. The figurative representations consist of a King David in a ship and several richly framed tondi with holy figures. 

For this project the contribution of the different disciplines and specialisations of various SRAL employees is extremely important. Crucial are the examination and interpretation of the church’s archives of different finishes, the technical analysis of the applied materials, drawing up a reflected and coherent restoration plan, experience and knowledge in the safe removal of overpainting and reconstruction of missing parts of the decorations.


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