Historic Interiors

SRAL has built up extensive expertise in the field of research, conservation and restoration of historic interiors. Within this discipline architectural paint research is an important component.
Many projects are put forward by heritage institutions, such as the Rijksgebouwendienst but also local historic monument departments of provinces and municipalities. In carrying out these kind of projects there is often close collaboration with architects, architectural and art historians as well as specialists from other restoration disciplines, such as furniture, paper, textile conservators. Often restorations of, for example wall paintings, are carried out by a specialised team on site. But sometimes it can also prove necessary for an entire interior including wall hangings or gilt leather to be dismantled. In such a case the individual parts are transported to the the Maastricht studios where they can be treated appropriately.

SRAL can also conduct architectural paint research of interior and exterior painted finishes and technical paint analysis.

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