Our mission and goals

The Foundation aims to preserve works of art and cultural heritage in the Netherlands, particularly in the province of Limburg. 

Conservation and restoration
SRAL conducts conservation and restoration work and research and provides advice, including in the field of Preventive Conservation. SRAL works for Limburg museums and monuments, public collections and ecclesiastical institutions in Limburg. Thanks to the Province of Limburg these institutions, often equipped with only limited financial means, can get access to first rate research and high standard conservation and restoration practice. Outside the Province of Limburg SRAL’s clients include numerous museums, national and regional heritage institutions and the government as well as private individuals and clients outside the Netherlands.

The SRAL works according to the most recent international standards in conservation and follows the newest insights and developments in the field of restoration. The foundation endorses the ethical codes for restorers as defined nationally by Restauratoren Nederland and internationally by the European Confederation of Conservator - Restorers ' Organisations ( ECCO ).

In helping to develop university training programmes and organising workshops and symposia for professionals SRAL is committed to its own field and ultimately aims to protect the profession of restorer.

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