Conservation tretment of plaster collection


The Maastricht Institute of Arts celebrates its 200th anniversary in 2023 and presents a significant part of its collection of plaster casts in the Bonnefanten: the so-called AcademischeGipsotheek Maastricht. The rare collection was created with the founding of the Stadsteekenschool in 1823 and now numbers around 500 pieces. Some of these plaster casts have been treated in thepublic-viewing conservation studiolocatedonthe first floor of the Bonnefanten. They were affected by mould, which has caused them to discolour partly, in some cases completely.   

In order to determine the best treatment method, the SRAL conservators conducted research into the mould structure and carried out various cleaning tests. The treatment is performed with protection, such as respiratory protection, disposable coveralls, goggles and gloves. Cotton swabs and suction equipment were used to clean the sculptures. As a result, the sculptures were again mould-free and the discolouration was reversed.   


The exhibitionBetween Art and Copy can be seen until 25.02.2024 in the Cupola of the Bonnefanten

More information here: Between Art and Copy — Bonnefanten Maastricht


Photo 1: SRAL restorer for sculptures and painted objects Ausrine Dambrauskaite treats a plaster sculpture   

Photo 2: Plaster sculpture during treatment    

Photo 3: Plaster sculpture after treatment 

Photo 4: Plaster sculpture during treatment    

Photo 5: collection of sculptures in the SRAL conservation studio at Bonnefanten

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