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European Day of Conservation-Restoration - Lecture



European Day of Conservation-Restoration
14th October 2018
Venue: Bonnefanten Museum
Time: 11.30-12.30
Speaker: Kate Seymour, Head of Conservation, SRAL
Lecture: Appearance and Perception: Cleaning and Retouching of Canvas Paintings
Language: English (questions in Dutch)

Cost: You can attend the event with your Museum Entry Ticket

Appearance and Perception
What was the appearance of a painting when it left the artists’ studio? How has this changed over the course of time? Do we perceive paintings now in a different context? How much of what we ‘see’ is influenced by our cultural context and history? Does this influence decisions for the current treatment of paintings in terms of cleaning and retouching?

These questions will be addressed in a 40 min presentation given by Kate Seymour, Head of Education (SRAL), to celebrate the European Day of Conservation-Restoration on the 14th October 2018. Ms Seymour’s talk will focus on the changes that occur in seventeenth century paint layers and those changes effect how we appreciate these paintings today. The modern conservator is challenged with a multitude of factors when faced with removing non-original varnishes and has the ability to greatly effect the aesthetic appearance of the artwork during restoration. Case studies will be used to outline a variety of different approaches to these often contentious issues.

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